Sunday, 28 May 2017

Tonights Outing

      Sorry I've not written on here for a while because of
      Illness but a call from JL got me to get off my butt and
      get out there and do something and I'm glad I did as I
      got to see my first Long Eared Owl of the year at a
      location I won't divulge but it was a fantastic sight
      seeing it flying about and passing by me as close as
      5 yards and that happened a few times, and then it
      got even better as another one flew by and then a Roe
      Deer ran in front of me about 20 yards away, it was just
      a shame it was so dark and my lens isn't that clever in the
      dark so pics are very grainy, but it was good to be out &
      about again so thanks again to hawk eye JL and the grapevine
      for getting me motivated.
      Birds and Animals seen were -:

      2 Long Eared Owl
      2 Kestrel
      6 Linnet
      10+ Meadow Pipit
      10+ Skylark
      1 Pheasant
      1 Stoat
      1 Roe Deer
      Rabbits galore.




  1. Well done with the LEO Dave, a great bird to get with good pictures too, an Owl I've not seen yet.

  2. Thanks Nigel, yeah they're a beautiful bird and have a brilliant feather colours.